When outspoken atheist Corwin Holiday dies an untimely but heroic death, he's assigned a chain-smoking, alcoholic angel as his defense attorney in the trial to decide the fate of his soul.

Today many cast Christianity aside, not in favor of another faith, but in favor of no faith. We go off to school or out into the world, and we learn that reality is godless and that free thinking means secular thinking. But must faith entail an end to asking questions? Should not the Author of Reason be able to answer the challenge of reason?

Dead & Godless is a smart and suspenseful afterlife adventure that explores the roots of truth, justice and courage. In these pages awaits a quest that spans universes, where the stakes are higher than life and death, and where Christianity’s sharp edges aren’t shied away from, because we’re not called to be nice. We’re called to be heroes.

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At some point in life, most of us step outside our comfort zones and ask ourselves why we believe what we believe. If you or someone you know is searching, or just wants an exciting story that tackles atheism's biggest arguments head-on (offering real answers, not vague, "feel-good" spiritualism), then this book needs to be on your reading list.

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Sometimes irreverent, always readable, Dead & Godless is a novel first and an apologetics resource second, but that doesn't mean that the lessons here are allegorical. Vivid imagery is spliced with hard-hitting debates as Corwin and his angelic (if slightly off-kilter) attorney peel away the layers of the soul. Arguments are presented in clear, concise language that you don't need to be a philosopher to understand, and the story's quick pace and riveting turns are sure to draw you into the world.

Recommended for ages 15 and up.


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